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Track over 10,000 crypto prices in real-time with ease. Currently, the most popular Monero exchange is Binance, which handled $ 9.61M worth of XMR trades in the last 24 hours. Share your referral code with friends and you’ll each get €10 of FREE Bitcoin when they begin using their accounts. We are proud to work with a range of mature, regulated banking partners, enabling us to offer you a leading and trusted service. Most exchanges need a minimum $50 deposit to exchange it for crypto. The next thing incorporates you setting up your identity to keep the ball rolling.

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If you like, you can now withdraw your Monero to your personal wallet. To create an account on an exchange, you will need to verify your email address and identity. Monero is in the top 1,000 cryptocurrencies by market cap, valued at $2,638,086,618. Yes, you can secure your Monero private key with Ledger Hardware Wallet and manage your Monero with a third party wallet.

Buy Monero through exchange services

As a coin GALA valued for its privacy and anonymity, Monero has been reportedly linked with criminal activities. This public perception of the coin’s links with illicit activities could potentially hamper its widespread adoption. Some people like to use their own wallets to guarantee total ownership over their assets, or to use them with other applications like DeFi services. The world’s most popular hardware wallet to keep your favorite crypto safe, including Monero.

This shouldn’t come as a big inconvenience, especially when you store multiple currencies in one place. Get any of the 400+ supported cryptocurrencies in mere minutes with just a few clicks and at the best rates on the market. Looking for a coin to exchange and add to your crypto collection?

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It’s regularly recommended on the buy and sell monero subreddit and IRC and XMR telegram groups. Once the coins hit your wallet you’ve successfully finished the process of buying Monero. Local Monero is a marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers where you can find a wide variety of payment options to buy Monero. You can access your account on any device, as long as you have access to your private login key. MyMonero never knows your private login key, and therefore is unable to spend your funds without your authorization.

Can I sell my XMR?

Of course! Kriptomat is available anytime you want to sell your Monero. Our price charts and indicator tools can help you find the perfect exit price, or if you prefer you can exchange your XMR for any of our other available cryptocurrencies. Whenever you’re ready to sell, we’ll make the process fast and easy – with just a few clicks.

Crypto are sensitive assets and deserve the best security solution. Our hardware wallets let you take control of your assets, with the highest security standards. To buy Monero on exchanges, you’ll first need to create and validate your account by giving some personal information data.

Step-by-step guide for Kraken

Super secure and convenient crypto wallet available anywhere at anytime. Buy, stake, store, and exchange any cryptocurrencies, tokens, and stablecoins. Now that you bought your crypto, you can store it in your personal crypto wallet or simply hold it in your Binance account. You can also trade for other crypto or stake it on Binance Earn for passive income. If you would like to trade your Monero to a decentralized exchange you may want to check Trust Wallet which supports millions of assets and blockchains.


There is no upper limit to use our service, and we will complete the transaction no matter how large the amount. There is no need to register if you’re looking to trade any crypto-asset on ChangeNOW. ChangeNOW is versatile, and we always look to improve our service, satisfy our customers, and expand our cryptocurrency portfolio. Instantly exchange Monero at the best XMR exchange rate on ChangeNOW.

Can I sell my XMR?

Once you’re signed up, you will be redirected to the main page of Kraken. In the navigation bar, you’ll see a button for “ Buy Crypto ”. We’ve prepared extensive detailed guides and video tutorials for you. Whether you’re a new or advanced user, our 24/7 Support Team is here to help. Secure, manage, and swap your XMR with the mobile security of face or fingerprint scanning. Yes, it is legal to sell Monero for USD and other currencies.

Users can easily buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using a wide range of payment options, including bank transfer, credit or debit card, and cash. Being a crypto investor requires taking security seriously and owning your private keys gives you much more power and control. The main principle behind hardware wallets is to provide full isolation between the private keys and your easy-to-hack computer or smartphone. The only people you can trust for storing your crypto assets is yourself.

Finally, you can also use Exodus – a software wallet that supports XMR and over 100 different crypto assets. The wallet also features a built in exchange to swap XMR for other cryptocurrencies and vice versa. When trading or using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you could easily search and find out if the transactions are verified and confirmed on a public blockchain. Your identity could be traced with via the information disclosed on the blockchain.

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In the end, you’ll need to enter your driver’s license, passport, or national ID card. Next, you will be redirected to a buy, sell, and convert page. This will open the spot trade page, enter in the search box XMR/Coin which you have bought or deposited. Click on the coin and fill buy or sell form at the bottom. Now you’ll be prompted to a Buy/Sell form where you can buy and receive a coin. For example, if you spend 500$, you’ll receive the BTC according to that.

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Simply put, instead of broadcasting the actual amount being sent, the user transmits only a small random looking piece of information. Monero achieves pretty good anonymity through the use of several methods. Monero has gained a lot of attention due to its role as a Bitcoin alternative on the dark web.

Perhaps you just get into cryptocurrency by purchasing coins on an exchange platform but didn’t even realize that they hold the private keys to your cryptocurrency. Pionex offers the fatest and cheapest rate to buy Monero, including credit card, debit card, bank wire, and ACH transfer. Some of these method are specifically for US citizens.

What exchanges can I buy Monero on?

You can buy Monero on cryptocurrency exchanges like ApolloX, ATNirex, B2BX, Bibox and Binance. Monero is traded on 58 exchanges. Currently, the most popular exchange for XMR is ApolloX.

However, anyone using XMR remains anonymous by default, with no traceable footprint. If you do not want to make yourself traceable, Monero might be a good choice. XMR supports a mining process to get rewarded for its activities. You could mine XMR by joining mining pools, or mining coins individually. XMR mining can be performed on PC computer and does not need any specific hardware to support it. Also, the mining process relies on proof-of-work mining.


The majority of buy and sell monero trading with stablecoins is done on Binance Futures. Binance is the best choice when it comes to trading Monero with stablecoins. Coindirect provides the most efficient, secure way to carry out cross border payments. Our advanced platform supports same day settlements across a wide range of countries, as demonstrated by our Asia and Europe example. Coindirect offers extensive experience in moving money securely through a network of banks and liquidity providers, across many different countries.

Protocol changes are “ratified” on-chain when the majority of the network adopts the upgrade and doesn’t break consensus. XMR is used as a native currency within the Monero network. XMR can be used for peer-to-peer payments and value storage within the Monero network. There is no way to buy Monero with a credit card directly. The only option is to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with a credit card and then trade it for Monero.

  • You can buy Monero with fiat currency on Kraken, which is one of the most established exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Kriptomat is designed to provide the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use trading experience on the planet.
  • Miners solve computational puzzles to generate new blocks using the RandomX proof-of-work algorithm.
  • The most popular Monero pair isXMR/USDTon Binance Futures, where it has a trading volume of $ 20.19M.
  • After signing up a Pionex account, go to the “Buy Crypto with Credit Card” page.
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