Venezuela Wedding Practices

Venezuelan marriage traditions give a useful customs and culture to choose from. These celebrations include a various music and flow rituals, as well as other a smaller amount known practices which can be important to this kind of larger-than-life lifestyle.

La Boda City

In Latin America, it could customary designed for a large amount of to have both equally a religious and city ceremony prior to they become legitimately married. The civil commemoration is a speedy affair and often happens a week prior to the religious ceremony.

The Exchange of Vows and Wedding rings

The exchange of promises is an important element of a venezuelan wedding. During this time, couples make claims to each other and offer to stay together forever. They also exchange wedding rings as emblems of their timeless love.

Las Arres

In Venezuela, it’s a prevalent tradition designed for the soon-to-be husband to present his bride with 13 coins that his family gives him. This kind of gift is short for his prosperity and his promise to support her in the future.

Disregarding of the Denture

Another important part of a venezuelan marriage is the breaking of the plate throughout the ceremony. This tradition represents good luck designed for the bride and groom throughout their very own lives.

‘La Hora Loca’ (The Crazy Hour)

‘La hora loca’ is a party-within-a-party during which guests dress in goggles, wigs and decorated hats as they dance to get an entire hour. This is a powerful way to get everyone inside the mood and maintain them very own feet during the reception!

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