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The platform offers uninterrupted crypto investment and a hassle-free environment for management. Cryptocurrency exchange development services are certainly gaining traction because of the unrivaled security and user-friendly design rising from innovation. Trust and transparency revolving around the crypto wallets and exchange software attract many to get crypto software for their business. We are a pioneer in the field of providing banking and finance development services to financial institutions for their business needs.

white label cryptocurrency wallet development services

Provide your consumers with a multi-currency wallet development that supports a variety of crypto coins and tokens so they can store multiple crypto assets in one place. White Label EVM wallets should have a comprehensive range of security features to protect user funds. By choosing a reliable and reputable White Label EVM wallet provider that offers robust security features, businesses can ensure that their users have a safe and secure Ethereum wallet experience. We can highly customize your crypto wallet to turn it into the most user-friendly wallet of all time.

We plan a specific strategy for each of our projects and then follow the same to develop an amazing WooCommerce site everytime. For improved security of your account, we add the auto session logout feature to automatically log out a user after a certain time period. Biometric plus password protection to give the highest level of security to your wallet account, assets and data. It opens up numerous opportunities for the Crypto wallet owner to make profits. Some of them include Transaction fees, launching a new token or coin, etc. Desktop WalletThey are accessible only from the PC or laptop in which they are installed.

A hot wallet stays directly connected to the Internet and operates online, and the private keys are also stored digitally. Whereas a cold wallet is something like Pendrive, remains disconnected to the Internet, and in it, the private keys are also stored offline. Yes, The security of your wallet can be enhanced through several steps, which include two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, multi-cig wallets, and password-protection. At SAG IPL, we have a team of experts having an average experience of 4-5 years in Cryptocurrency development. Your Java application is developed in a secure environment with a clean yet robust code. Our developers specialise in building health mobile apps that are HIPAA-compliant and designed to drive results.

Our agile cryptocurrency development team ensures to build ultra secured blockchain based cryptocurrency wallets. To create crypto wallets that boost your company’s return on investment, we make it certain they offer a convenient means for you to pay for all types of expenses. Nowadays, Web3 enterprises have opted to operate their platforms using integrated crypto wallets due to the sophisticated nature of building them from scratch. Our services on wallet integration services for enterprises offer all that an enterprise owner needs, including the cryptocurrencies to be supported and the blockchain it works on.


These services result in the creation of mighty wallets that can easily hold private transaction keys. Creating a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet compatible with iOS and Android is inevitable to reach maximum smartphone users. The users of iOS devices should cryptocurrency exchange software be able to use the wallet in a smooth manner. Similarly, Android wallet app should support all the latest and dynamic features of an Android smartphone. At SoftProdigy, our crypto specialists make sure that the wallets developed are reliable and trustworthy.

white label cryptocurrency wallet development services

Our wallets provide real-time trading information to help you make the most of your investments. We provide exceptional bitcoin wallet development services for your application and add the most advanced features to the wallet for securing large number of assets conveniently. The solutions we provide are compatible with almost all major browsers that help users achieve success effortlessly. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of blockchain and wallet developers craft custom cryptocurrency wallets in any platform depending on your requirement. We focus on customer delight throughout the Cryptocurrency wallet development and strive to deliver the best solution in shorter sprints.

Security features deployed in Crypto wallet development

Top cryptocurrencies include Ethereum , Bitcoin , Tether , Binance Coin , etc. Security Tokenizers’ delivers cryptocurrency exchange software solutions with total customization. We developed our services with automatic KYC/AML verification features. It will help to avoid fake people being able to enter the exchange, and when a withdrawal demand of a large cryptocurrency amount is detected, it will play the role of being verified. With a decentralised wallet that has institutional-grade security and ease of use, you can give your users ultimate control over their private keys and cash. Ensure P2P transactions, powered by Smart Contracts, have complete control over the transactions through private keys.

white label cryptocurrency wallet development services

White label crypto wallet providers often offer support and maintenance services, which can help businesses save time and resources on ongoing maintenance and updates. This can include security updates, bug fixes, and new feature development. Our white label cryptocurrency wallet is already upgraded with all the modern blockchain security standards and protocols. Typically, a Cryptocurrency wallet development refers to a decentralized wallet that stores the exclusive cryptocurrencies of users. With our blockchain-based technologies, we help you to undergo a cutting-edge development process.

DeFi Wallet Development

After developing a crypto wallet, the UI/UX will be tested to fix any bugs and glitches happening in the deployment phase. The first one is a private key i.e password and the other includes a 12-word seed phrase which will be sent to the respectable phrase. The wallet has an exemplary interface that can be accessed by any user and is highly useful for cryptocurrency traders. A crypto wallet can be accessed by scanning the code of wallet addresses of the other wallet rather than collecting all information of the crypto wallet.

white label cryptocurrency wallet development services

They do not accept chargebacks to protect wallets from fraudulent hackers. Our crypto wallet is integrated with multiple cryptocurrencies, as different types of cryptocurrencies get evolved day by day in the market. We provide our users with a unique cryptocurrency with the latest advancements and encrypted options. Get our wallet development solutions to launch a crypto wallet fortified with the latest security standards which will smoothly function on desktops. Design and develop a highly secure hardware wallet to enable users to store their large crypto funds and valuable digital assets with maximum security.

Discuss Project Feasibility

Take the initiative in the intensely competitive industry by availing our high-quality White label Crypto wallet development solutions. The benefits for our clients include unmatched performance, ease of usage, and impenetrable security. We promise to fulfill your requirements with our white label or custom wallet solutions. All the applications are developed using state-of-the-art tools & technologies. We assure you that the results are delivered according to the timeframe shared by our technical team. Our cryptocurrency wallet development experts incorporate stunning and appealing UI designs to simplify the wallet’s navigation process.

  • Our NFT wallet comes with multi-platform compatibility and user-pulling attributes that attracts more NFT users to use the wallet.
  • The wallet is designed in a way where even a beginner in the crypto sphere will be able to handle all the actions in the crypto sphere with the wallet.
  • We at RichestSoft have team of trained professionals responsible for developing highly interactive wallet app solutions.
  • We first map out your business idea, goals, and priorities with multiple consultations and brainstorming sessions.
  • Crypto wallets store users’ public and private keys while providing an easy-to-use dashboard to manage crypto balances.

We have proficiency in building a staking platform on any blockchain network recommended by clients. Build your DeFi lending and borrowing platform to ensure smooth and reliable sharing of funds with other users or traders. Open source networks, open up new opportunities to deal in financial services securely. You can join the revolution in business with our peer-to-peer system. We are aware of a predefined set of rules and conditions for developing smart contracts in blockchain. Your friends & colleagues can join the social security service option.

Over the counter trading enables direct trading of assets between two different users. With the right offshore custom software development company USA, you can tap into global talent pools and access the skills you can’t always find at home while keeping costs optimal. Yes, our Crypto wallet development company in India sign an NDA in order to protect the unique idea of our client. Our web app development team utilizes its technical expertise to build robust web apps conforming to HIPAA guidelines. We have delivered a range of healthcare apps for our clients in this industry vertical.

Desktop wallets are wallets that are placed on a PC or laptop and are exclusively accessible through that device. This offers maximum security and allows for cold storage, which means that the wallet can be used without being connected to the internet as it is used to store the private keys of the users. Integrating a Customizable cryptocurrency wallet with a blockchain network involves connecting the wallet software to the network using an API or SDK. The wallet will then be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies on that network.


Embracing the complexity of the automotive software architecture, our automotive software services are built around top approaches for prototyping, developing, testing, and deploying new features. Other than that, all our automotive software development efforts don’t compromise on user satisfaction but improve software performance. Overall, white-label crypto wallet development solutions offer a flexible, cost-effective, and secure option for businesses looking to enter cryptocurrency. We at RichestSoft provide unmatched Cryptocurrency wallet development services to our clients. These services vary from type-to-type or segment-to-segment existing in this market. Let’s take a look at some types of crypto wallet development services we offer.

Multi-currency Integration

LeewayHertz supports multi-chain wallets that may be used to store any kind of cryptocurrency. Besides, the wallet offers flexible infrastructure and compatibility. Here the client affirmed that he was comfortable working with the team delivering highly customized Blockchain development services on time and with negligible or null errors. Our developers ensure top-notch quality, reliability, and transparency in their Crypto wallet development process, ensuing error-free and efficient output. We at RichestSoft have team of trained professionals responsible for developing highly interactive wallet app solutions. Fortunesoft IT Innovations has been an outstanding business partner for our company.

In the same vein, our cryptowallets are well suited to white labeling as they can easily be adapted by a third party. We provide different types of cryptocurrency wallet app development with advanced blockchain technologies and architecture frameworks. We develop ERC20 crypto wallets for blockchain businesses that are highly secured and support ETH and ERC20 tokens effortlessly.

It is highly possible to store multiple cryptocurrencies in a single wallet on the blockchain network. And, it is also possible to store multiple of the same cryptocurrencies in one wallet with a focus on. Create your secure software wallet and allow users to install that on their computers to store keys that give access to their digital coins on the blockchain. Albeit, software developed on the blockchain is completely secure, but we offer our customers advanced level security with the 2-factor authentication feature. We at Suffescom Solutions strive to deliver our customers with a robust and highly secure desktop wallet to boost their transactions which can be accessed without the internet. The simple to use transaction history tab allows users to quickly understand everything pertaining to a transaction.

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