About us

The leading health and safety inspection group, PropertySafe, provides landlords and property managers with a smooth and simple path to achieving Healthy Homes Standards compliance for investment properties.

The Healthy Home Evaluation report checks the level of compliance for each standard requirement against an investment property. It includes all Healthy Home Standards and any high risk (life-threatening) issues that you should be aware of, just for peace of mind.

For Landlords:-

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Simple, easy to read report
The report will check your level of compliance against each standard

Solutions, not just problems
Offers detail and solutions for any non-compliance issue identified

High-risk safety observations
Any high-risk safety observations that you should be aware of are highlighted

Qualified inspectors
PropertySafe inspectors are experienced, insured and trusted

Record-keeping obligations met
Certificate of Compliance and Section 13A Statement supplied


For Property Managers:-

Compliance management
Easy to use processing and management software solution

Solutions to suit you
Customised options allow flexibility to fit into your business processes

Total transparency
Full transparency into a rental portfolio’s compliance status, instantly

Clever automation
Non-compliance jobs can be work-flowed with clever automation saving you time

Event and audit trails
Complete history of events are recorded against the property to help ensure nothing gets missed

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